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A Guide On How To Ship Cheese

Our guide to shipping cheese and other perishables

In this article, we will focus on the temperature-controlled environment required for shipping cheese along with the basic steps of how to ship cheese.

How to ship cheese​

Cheese contains a high level of living bacteria, yeast, and molds. While these microbes are safe and have been consumed by humans for centuries, cheese can be harmful if it is not properly stored during shipment.

Nonetheless, different types of cheese can handle temperatures differently. Hard and semi-hard ripened cheeses, like cheddar and Parmesan, have a low moisture content and are more susceptible to fungi. However, soft or fresh cheeses, like Brie, spoil easily due to their higher moisture content and lower salinity.

Risk Exposure

  • Firstly, if kept below specified temperatures, cheese can dry out, resulting in a stiffer consistency and a reduction in size. 
  • If cheese is kept at higher temperatures it can develop mold and increase in size which can damage the packaging.
Cold storage logistics for perishable items like cheese is our specialty!

Facts About Shipping Cheese​

When shipping perishable food it is important to consider various factors including:

  • Type of cheese
  • The time of year
  • Shipping method
  • Destination

Shipping cheese is not just about the origin, but also the destination and the mode of transportation. Additionally, shipping from a cooler region to a warmer one may require more effective temperature control measures.

Packaging such as coolers and gel packs are designed to maintain a consistent temperature during transit. The amount of packaging material required may vary depending on the season and the destination’s climate.


Proper packaging helps maintain taste, texture, and especially the quality of the product while extending the overall shelf life. Using a correctly sized insulated container, filling any air gaps with bubble wrap or gel packs, and avoiding the use of ordinary ice or dry ice are some important considerations as well.

The refrigerated transport used for shipping cheeses may be more expensive than using gel packs, so it’s important to choose the most cost-effective option. Additionally, refrigerated vehicles may not be available for certain destinations or smaller shipments. When packaging cheese for individual or bulk shipping, preservation and protection are key. Consider using cold gel packs for shipping perishable goods. 

Finally, it’s also worth noting that faster shipping services like USPS Priority Mail Express or FedEx Overnight may be more expensive but can help ensure the cheese stays fresh. 

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