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Frozen storage in Dallas Texas

Freezer Storage Logistics in Dallas, Texas

In this blog, we will explore the various aspects of freezer storage logistics and how it can help your business succeed. As the demand for frozen goods continues to increase, the need for reliable and efficient frozen storage and cold chain logistics becomes paramount. This is where Evo Logistics, located in Dallas, comes in. 

What Is Frozen Storage Logistics? ​

This term describes the entire process of storing, handling, and transporting frozen goods. This includes everything from the temperature-controlled storage facility to the transportation vehicles used to move the goods. The goal of frozen storage logistics is to maintain the quality and integrity of the frozen goods from the time they are produced until they reach the end consumer.

One of the most important parts of frozen storage and supply chain is the temperature-controlled storage facility. Evo Logistics offers a state-of-the-art frozen storage facility that is capable of maintaining temperatures as low as -10°C. Their frozen storage in Dallas is equipped with advanced technology that ensures the temperature remains constant, and the humidity levels are optimal to prevent freezer burn as well as other forms of damage.

In addition to temperature control, Evo Logistics also offers a range of value-added cold storage warehouse services to help businesses streamline their operations. These particular services include order picking and packing, and custom packaging solutions. Furthermore, by outsourcing these tasks to Evo’s talented team, businesses can focus on their core while still delivering the highest quality of service.

Our warehouse team is professionally trained to maintain the temperatures required for all perishables without breaking the cold chain.


Another important aspect of frozen storage logistics is transportation. As a result, Evo Logistics has a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles that are designed for the transportation of frozen goods. These vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and temperature monitoring systems to ensure the goods are transported safely. This level of control basically ensures that businesses can track their goods at every step of the journey and make informed decisions about logistics.

Overall, frozen storage logistics is a complex and essential process for businesses.However, Evo Logistics, offers a range of solutions to meet the needs of businesses. Because of our storage facility and fleet of specialized vehicles, Evo Logistics is better prepared to provide the highest quality of service.

Looking For Cold Storage In Dallas?

We are excited to announce the completion of our freezer storage and refrigerated shipping services in Dallas, Texas. The extreme temperatures within the facility guarantee that even the most delicate products are kept in prime condition. 

The cold storage facility boasts a 4,000 sq. ft. freezer set at -10 degrees during storage. With racking fitting up to 405 skids of 48”x40” as well as blast freezer units.

Looking for frozen storage in Dallas? We can help!

Because of its close proximity to one of the largest airports in Texas, our cold storage logistics warehouse in Dallas is the perfect location for your frozen supply chain needs. From small business owners and entrepreneurs to large-scale manufacturers, our innovative logistics solutions help you run your business successfully.

Our cold warehouse in Dallas provides a range of services related to the handling, storage, and transportation of perishable products, including:

We Provide The Following Handling Needs

  • Palletizing
  • Re-Weighting
  • Re-gelling
  • Re-packaging
  • Dry Storage
  • Cold Storage space
  • Cross-docking
  • Quality Report Inspections
  • Party logistics

We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers’ products are of the highest quality. Our team is well-versed in monitoring and working around the clock, all year round. If you’re looking to succeed in the frozen storage logistics industry, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your business!

Our fleet of delivery trucks are ready to provide your businesses cold supply chain needs

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